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What does the system do?

The Stellar Sky system provides a unique and exciting way to add acoustic panels filled with stunning fiber optic stars to any room! Our panels can be set to different modes simulating different night skies throughout the world.

Where does the light come from?

All of our panels have a smart light engine that runs long lasting, energy efficient LEDs.

How do I buy a system?

Contact us to get setup with an authorized dealer in your area.

How do I control it?

All of our star panels and Ambience controllers fully integrate with any third party automation system using RS-232 via our Control Interface.

How do the panels connect to my automation system?

Panels connect to automation systems using RS-232 (9600, 8, N, 1) via our Control Interface Device.

Can I change the color?

The standard white light engine can easily be upgraded to an RGB light engine to change the color of the stars.

Can I change the speed?

Yes! You can change the speed.

Is it easy to install?

Our easy to use plug and play system makes installation a breeze. We’ve engineered a hassle free magnetic system that will put you under the stars in half the time of the traditional mounting systems.

Do you offer cove lighting?

Yes! Horizon lighting, offering RGBW color for infinite mixing options, can be preinstalled on the star panels. Full RGBW LED reels are also available for onsite installation.

What are the panel enhancements?

How long does it last?

Our LED light engines have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, or 27 years if used for 5 hours every day!

Can I take it with me when I move?

Absolutely! Our magnetic mounting systems allows you the freedom to install and remove with minimal damage to drywall.

How much electricity does it use?

Four full size panels (4′ X 8′) may consume up to 2.75 watts on full brightness settings.

Do they get dirty, how do I clean them?

Our fiber optic star panels can cleaned using a soft bristled brush.

Does it come with a warranty?

One year warranty is provided on all panels and controls.

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