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StellarSky Star Kits

Create your own star ceiling with our compact kits

Experience all the controllability of our star panels in a compact kit! 
256 points of light
10ft Fiber Tails and power plug included in every kit
Ability to control the brightness speed and default mode
NightSky, Aurora, & Hybrid Star Kits 


Emulate the night sky in any application imaginable

with our NightSky star kits.

Based on your projects needs you can use 4 LEDs or all 8 LEDs!

Astronaut Peek.png
Design your own starry night sky

Modify the dip switch settings of the Night Sky Star kits to create a falling star or constellation. 

StellarSky Fiber Optic Star Kit.png
StellarSky Fiber Optic Star Kit- powerr-
  • Low voltage smart LED star engine

  • Low energy consumption

  • No noise from large outdated light engines

  • Sleep Timer –time ranging from 1 minute to 4 hours

  • Only light engine with toggle commands 

  • Realist twinkle of stars

  • 10FT 0.75mm fiber in a premade fiber head

  • Preprogrammed modes and shows create different atmospheres

  • Controllable brightness of stars  & speed of twinkle

  • Easy to use plug and play system 

Call us today to discuss the best options for star kit  project.

Our dedicated sales team will help find the best solutions to get a high end luxury look on your budget. 

Star Kit Features
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