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StellarSky Fiber Optic Star Panels 

Escape to a place of wonder and get lost in the stars 

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When stargazing, the mind begins to wonder and

contemplate bigger ideas than life as we know it.

It fosters inspiration, imagination, and a connection with nature.

It makes us feel as if time slows down and provides a unique sense of stillness.


Provides a calming energy

from the way time stands still

Provides a feeling of awe and peace

Provides a much-needed break

from our busy lifestyles

Creates a feeling of solitude

  Provides a different perspective

to our day to day life

So why not indulge in the simple yet incredible pleasure of looking at the stars?

Star ceiling panels are proven to have to same psychological effect as the real night sky

and are on the list of attainable ways to bring the outdoors inside any space imaginable.


  • No upcharge for Aurora RGB star panels

  • Realistic twinkle of stars

  • Controllable brightness of stars & speed of twinkle

  • Only star light engine with toggle commands

  • Star panel enhancements 

  • Mounting template included in every order

  • 8 star points per sqft. Others use only 3 star points per sqft.

  • Dimming capabilities        

Create an unforgettable experience with our enhancements like a falling star, Aurora,

Horizon perimeter LED, and constellations to incorporate an one-of-a-kind night sky. 

Stellar Sky Star Panel Standalone Modes Available


NightSky Relaxed

Solid On 100%

Solid On 50%

Solid On 25%

Desert Sky

Stormy Sky

Disco Club



Twinkling of the stars on a calm clear night

50% brightness of Night Sky

All stars on at 100%

All stars on at 50%

All stars on at 25%

Stars through some heavy haze and high winds

A busy starry sky filled with motion

A party mode that keeps the night alive

Astronaut Peek.png

Stellar Sky Star Panel modes Available With a Control Interface


NightSky Relaxed

Solid On 100%

Desert Sky

Stormy Sky

Disco Club

The standalone features with the ability to adjust brightness and speed

The standalone features with the ability to adjust brightness and speed

Control of the Stars solidly lit from 1% to 100%

The standalone features with the ability to adjust brightness and speed

The standalone features with the ability to adjust brightness and speed

The standalone features with the ability to adjust brightness and speed

Even more Options Available using our  Control Interface

Sleep Timer

Toggle Power commands

Discrete power commands

Have the Panel power down after a time ranging from 1 minute to 4 hours and 15 minutes

Toggles the power state of the panel, for individual panels or entire StellarSky systems

Powering on and off panels as well as the entire Stellar

The ability to restore all user variables to factory settings


Say goodbye to 4-6 week lead times and enjoy the ease of scheduling installation and cash flow with our standard size star panels 

Ideal for drop-in ceilings & small installations                        Ideal for large installations

2 X 2                                                                               4 X 6

2 X 4                                                                               4 X 8



Benefits of standard panels
  • Enjoy flexibility in scheduling with our 3-5 day shipping turnaround time

  • Quickly and easily replaceable if ever damaged

  • Reduce overall cost of the project

  • Creates a skylight effect

Choose a mounting system that works for you

We’ve engineered a hassle free magnetic mounting system that will put you under the stars in half the time of the traditional mounting systems with easier adjustments. Our unique mounting system reduces drywall damage and allows you to remove and reinstall the acoustical fiber optic star panels and hardware without compromising the strength of the acoustical panels.

Rotofast mounting kits are perfect for permanent installations and large ceiling installations.


Custom sizes are available upon request. For large orders over 25 panels please call us for current inventory.

Call us today to discuss the best options for acoustic fiber optic star panels and control within your budget.

Our dedicated sales team will help find the best solutions to get a high end luxury look on your budget. No need to pay for extra fiber and light engines.

Our star ceiling and wall panels are functional acoustical panels with decorative fiber optic stars that simulate the real night sky in any space.
  • Commercial and residential theaters
  • Media & game rooms
  • Restaurants, night clubs, & casinos
  • Spas & salons
  • Hospitals & hospices centers
  • Sensory rooms & children’s rooms 
  • Pool houses and outdoor covered living spaces
Star Panel Features
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